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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to create, assign and use Cues for Role Center in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009

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This article describes:

How to customize a Role Center in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009
How to create Cues for a Role Center in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009
How to assign Cues for a Role Center in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009

How to use Cues for a Role Center in Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009

You should have Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 installed with Role Center.
You should have basic knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 technically & functionally.
The Cues Web part shows a pictorial representation of an important number for a business for example; the number of open sales orders.

Create a Cue step by step
I have a fresh installed Ax 2009 with Role Center as shown below where no Cue is available.

Now go to Main menus > open the Purchase Order Details form and filter is by purchase order status Open order as shown below
Press Ctrl + F3 to create a query.

Here you can specify your filter criteria. By default the purchase orders are filtered by Open order status
because I have done it on Purchase Order Details form.

Click on Modify menu button then Save as Cue...

If you click on Save as Cue…, you will get the below form

In the Cue Id field give a name [I have given a name TestCue]. In the Caption filed give a caption. You can create a label Id for the caption.
From Security group select Everyone radio button so that every user can see the cue you are going to create.
Click on OK button. The will be closed.
Now click on OK button on Query form.
To verify the Cue has been created or not go to Main menu > Basic > Setup > Role Center > Edit Cues.
On this form your Cue should be available.
I hope your Cue has been created successfully.

Assign Cue to Cue web part step by step

Go the Main menu then Home.

In the Role Center click on the downward arrow symbol on Cues web part then Modify Shared Web Part as shown below:

This will give the GUI like:

Select your cue from the dropdown Select a Cue to Modify. By default Cue 1 is selected, you can go with Cue 1.
From View dropdown select the View (Cue) you created, I created TestCue.

You can configure few more range like Count, Threshold, and Total but those are not necessary now.
Click on Apply button. Click on OK button.
See the Cue has been added for purchase order with Status Open order to the Cues Web Part as shown below:

If you click on the Cue icon the Purchase Order Details form will open with all the Open order.


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