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Monday, October 26, 2009

To show upcoming birthday in Sharepoint

I was looking for a facility to display upcoming birthdays in MOSS 2007 but there is no availability of such webpart.It can be done by customizing in MOSS 2007 or a webpart can be developed. I was looking for a shortcut way to fulfill my requirement. Finally I got a webpart from http://www.sharepointology.com/.

This webpart has been developed to display upcoming birthdays where name of user and date of birth to be displayed. Yes, there is a provision to set the number of days as a range for upcoming day(s). For example, if you want to display the name of user(s) whose date of birth is coming within next 3 days.

Additionally the user name is having a link to its profile.
Actually date value is coming from user’s profile and name is coming from active directory (AD).

Download link for this webpart: http://www.sharepointology.com/general/web-part-to-show-upcomming-birthdays-in-sharepoint-v20/

The above link can be changed without any notice.

Note: There is no business relation between me and http://www.sharepointology.com/

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