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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to do Picking list for an invent transfer order through a job using X++ in Dynamics AX

This article explains:
How to picking list through a job using X++ in Dynamics AX.
Applied on:
Dynamics AX 2009 SP1

Create a job as mentioned below:

static void PickingListByCode(Args _args)
InventTransferParmTable inventTransferParmTable;
InventTransferMultiPick inventTransferMultiPick = InventTransferMultiPick::construct();

InventTransferParmTable.TransferId = "transferid" //Provide transferId
inventTransferParmTable.EditLines = true;
inventTransferParmTable.AutoReceiveQty = true;
inventTransferParmTable.UpdateType = InventTransferUpdateType::PickingList;
inventTransferParmTable.PickUpdateQty =InventTransferPickUpdateQty::All ;


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  2. is there also a possibility to post the list with a query and not with the Transferid. For example like the method "salesFormLetter.queryChooseLines(objQryRun)"?
    Thank you very much